Cellulite Treatment Brisbane

Can Coolsculpting be used for Cellulite treatment?

Short answer- it is unknown whether Coolsculpting can be used effectively for cellulite treatments, and they are undergoing  further studies.Cellulite Treatment Brisbane

The CoolSculping candidate is a well motivated patient who is within 10% of their recommended body weight with stubborn areas of fat deposition in areas such as the abdomen, flanks, muffin areas, love handles, back areas and inner thighs.

Some patients who exhibit cellulite in these areas may respond to CoolSculpting, however assessment by Westside’s Specialist CoolSculptor will give you an indication as to the expected results.

Well-controlled studies to determine whether the fat-reducing effects of the CoolSculpting Procedure will result in the improved appearance of cellulite have not been completed. ZELTIQ does not recommend the CoolSculpting Procedure using the current applicators for cellulite treatment at this time.