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Fat Freezing for her

Are you a woman intrigued by a new non surgical liposuction, fat freezing technique called coolsculpting?Fat Freezing Brisbane Coolsculpting

If your career and family take a huge part of your life, you might not be able to train like a professional athlete to fit in your best outfit, your body’s best shape, that’s why fat freezing techniques like coolsculpting are so popular. You may also feel frustrated working out without being able to eliminate these pockets of stubborn fat. Whether exercise doesn’t completely fulfill your goal or surgery isn’t an option, why not try the latest revolutionary non invasive method to eliminate fat? Coolsculpting fits in easily with your hectic lifestyle. It only requires an hour of your time to see significant fat reduction results. The procedure eliminates fat cells which are then naturally rejected by your body. Because there’s no anesthetic or downtime involved you can resume your activity straight after the procedure.

Our specialists have had some extraordinary results for thigh fat reduction treatments. Thigh fat can be persistent despite drastic diets and intensive workouts. Without being a professional athlete, it is hard to completely remove those persistent pockets of fat based on one’s lifestyle and average amount of exercise.

You can expect to lose up to 25% of fat in the treated area per treatment and you can have as many treatments as you wish.

During your fist consultation one of our specialists will go through the procedure and let you know how many treatments will be required according to the number of areas you’d like to treat.

An important fact about stubborn fat

We all have some areas in our body that cumulate undesirable fat and remains as such despite the amount of exercise we do and as harsh as our diet can be. Coolsculpting can be the only natural way to eliminate this excess fat.

Am I a suitable patient for CoolSculpting?

An ideal profile would be a person within 10 kilograms over their optimal weight aged between 22 and 55 year of age.

For more information about our fat freezing techniques using coolsculpting, contact the team at Westside Dermatology today.